Where can we camp?
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I'm looking for a youth campsite/retreat center within 3-hour driving distance from Fairfield County, CT. Specific details inside.

I coordinate a youth camping trip every year for about 150 people (mostly kids with chaperones). The campsite we typically use is getting cost-prohibitive, so I'm looking for an alternative to research. I'm looking for something similar to this:
-- cabins with bathrooms, not tents
-- swimming pool
--bonfire capabilities
-- large open fields
-- hiking trails
-- basketball court
-- mess hall with kitchen capable of servicing 150 people
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Perfect place for you - Incarnation Center, in Ivoryton, CT, with all the facilities you're looking for plus an incredibly beautiful secluded lake setting. I used to work in a program on this site. Don't let the name scare you - it's run by an Episcopal foundation but is very, very interdenominational and plenty of non-religious groups use the site, too.
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Also, you can take a visit to preview the options - they have everything from really nice modern dormitories to rustic cabins to platform tents. Many varieties of "camping" available.
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