I have an issue with a UTI... on a Mac.
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My Macs have decided suddenly to merge the information on two kinds of files into a single file listing. As I use separate programs for these, switching back and forth is really not an option, and manually setting things is going to eventually drive me crazy. Help!

My Macs, both of them, about a month ago decided that RAR files and CBR files are the same. (Yes, I know they have the same underlying technology, a CBR is just a special version of a RAR file, so you don't need to explain that.

Now I have installed Default Apps, and it tells me I have a file type 'rar cbr', and if I set a CBR file to open with my CBR reader, it changes any RAR files to open with the same program; the same happens if I set RAR files to open with Stuffit Expander, opening all CBR files into their own folder. This is a pain in the tuchas and I want it to stop.

How do I edit these sorts of things?

using the mdsl utility, I get on a CBR:
kMDItemContentType = "com.rarlab.rar-archive"

and on a RAR I get:
kMDItemContentType = "com.rarlab.rar-archive"

but they should be different things, which means I probably need to find a way to eliminate the com.rarlab.rar-archive UTI and then I can manually set the CBRs to open with my CBR reader and my RAR files to expand with Stuffit Expander.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Best answer: Install The Unarchiver, open it up and use it handle all your archive extraction needs. You need to make one change, though, which is to right-click on the application icon, select "Show Package Contents", click on Contents and open the file called "Info.plist". Delete the CBR entry. Then you should be set — The Unarchiver will do a broader archive management job than Stuffit Expander, while leaving your CBR files alone.
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Response by poster: That last part was what I really needed, but The Unarchiver is a nice program.

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