Where should I eat in Florence?
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I'm going to be in Florence for the next couple of days. Where should I have breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?

Good-value options particularly appreciated (€5–15), though somewhere more expensive for dinner would be okay--you'll really have to sell it to me if it's over €30 excluding drinks, though. I'll be staying in the centre of town, a few minutes from the Duomo, but I don't mind walking a bit, especially if I'm going for a big dinner.

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The Ostaria dei Centopoveri is really good. Two years ago I was in Italy with my family and out of 4 nights in Florence we had dinner there twice cause we liked it so much and we were tired of eating at places that were just meh. It is not exceptional food, but everything tastes as if it was homemade. Www.centopoveri.it
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Get some food to go and watch the sunset from the steps at the Piazzale Michelangelo.
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I've had some good food in Florence at restaurants and such, but if I'm absolutely honest the best eating experience I had there and the one that sticks in my mind the most was the trippa alla fiorentina I bought from one of the street-carts and ate for lunch stood up in the street: hot, thick sauce, on a roll. Fantastic. Tripe is not for everyone, granted, but it can be fucking delicious and they do great things with it in Florence.
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We really enjoyed Zoe when we were there. It's across the river from all the tourist hustle and bustle and was such a comfortable & pleasant place to have lunch.

Also, those tripe sandwiches were pretty awesome too - with a birra moretti while leaning over and watching the Arno go by....
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I second having eating at the Piazzale Michelangelo. It provides a great view of the city.

Also, if you're interested in dessert, there is a great gelato shop around the corner from Dante's home.
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