Are online MSW programs worth doing?
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Are online MSW programs worth it? Which ones are best?

I'm currently working at a full time job in Austin, TX but am considering pursuing my MSW. I don't have time to take classes in person, so I was wondering if anyone knew anything about online options. There are plenty of programs out there, but they range in price as well as prestige of the school. Are any of them more well known in the social work field than others? (I'll either be focusing on family / child work or community organizing / administrative / policy work. I haven't decided.) I have a BA in Political Science if it matters.
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Here's one online program run by UT-Arlington.

I'm not a social worker myself, but I am somewhat familiar with their program. They have a community clinic where Arlington residents (like I used to be) can go get dirt cheap counseling.
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Smith College has one of the best.
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As a person who employed a number of social workers ( BSW and MSW ) my only suggestion is to select only a program directly affiliated and managed by a University that offers a well established bricks and mortar MSW.
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Smith's program is not online, although, as a grad, I will agree that it is one of the best.

I haven't looked into this at all, but I'm not sure about the accreditation of online programs. If the program isn't accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, it's worthless for licensure purposes.
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Best answer: Actually, here is a list of CSWE accredited distance learning programs. Several on the list are quite well thought of, like VCU, Boston, and Fordham, and likely several others.
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OmieWise has it--accreditation by the CSWE is essential--not a time to take any shortcuts !
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