Good vascular surgeon/varicose vein doc in the Bay Area?
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Does anyone know a good vascular surgeon/varicose vein specialist in the Bay Area?

I'm moving out there (Berkeley, to be specific), at least for the next few months, possibly indefinitely, in the midst of needing some attention for my veins.

Could use a good reco—there are so many 'varicose veins begone!' type clinics that seem very commercially motivated. I want to find a doctor who's thorough and good, can give me the care I need and not try to sell me on what I don't. Thank you!
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"I'm moving out there" - sounds like you're not from the area.

Most of the doctors here are in hospital groups. Where I live in the East Bay, everybody is either Kaiser or John Muir.

So based on your insurance, I'd probably start with the hospital groups they cover.

In Berkeley, the big ones are Kaiser, Alta Bates, and Summit, so I'd look into those options, and ask the insurer or someone at the hospital group's info line for a referral.
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No recs, but yelp is a pretty decent out here in judging doctors.
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