Things to do near Crescent City, CA?
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Later this week I'm taking my kid and her friend to the Crescent City/ Jedediah Smith National Park area. The plan is to do some hiking in the redwoods and hanging out near the beach, but I'm looking for other suggestions or recommendations for things to do in the region, assuming it's going to stay cool and rainy.
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Best answer: If you're looking for a great hike to do, the Boy Scout Tree Trail is fantastic! That site also has a information on bunch of other great hikes in the region.
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In addition to your plan I recommend driving about 1/2 hour south to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. More great hiking there, and the drive is fantastic.
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Best answer: In the park, the drive to Stout Grove is fantastic, albeit for confident drivers only. The grove itself has some gorgeous easy walks (really easy, no challenge at all) but the drive is actually more memorable, to me. It's an old stagecoach road, narrow and unpaved, that winds in and out among the massive trees, completely unlike modern driving. Roads for cars are made as straight as possible by cutting down trees and dynamiting hills, but stagecoach roads just went around obstacles. They also didn't need 2 lanes, so you have to be very alert to other cars, but it's surreal to roll down your window and almost be able to touch the trees as you (slowly!) drive along.
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I don't think there is anything else to do there. But if you're looking for a good meal, the only place I'm aware that serves one is the Historic Requa Inn. You'll need advance reservations, as they serve family style and set the table at seven for the number of guests expected. I can't exclaim enough about the food there.
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Best answer: Things to do in/near Crescent City, with kids on rainy days:
Ocean World is a fun place; looks hokey, but it is great. Fun gift shop too. just south of town on 101.

Tour Battery Point Lighthouse (low tide only)...take Front St all the way to ocean, turn left, see parking lot. The B St. Pier is nearby for walking. Do not go out on Jetty, also nearby...signs stating dangerous waves are true.

Go bowling! Tsunami Lanes is on 101, corner of 8th St, near downtown.

Visit the Redwood National/State Park info center, 1 block off 101south, on 2nd St. They have a small collection of maps, other stuff for kids.

Watch for whales...right now is prime time to see migrating gray whales: Trained volunteers will help you see and learn about whales. Call (541) 765-3407 for more information. start at 9th St and Pebble Beach (all the way to the ocean).

Collect shells at low tide...several spots are good: Point St. George...take washington all the way past airport, dead end at parking lot, then take trail down to beach.
Pebble Beach Drive runs from town to the airport, great drive along the coast, with several pull outs for beach access...South Beach, south of town is great for walking too.

Poke around the Harbor to see fishing boats...harbor is on 101, just south of town.
View sea lions on other side of harbor near Chart Room Restaurant

Oh, the County Museum is on corner of 6th and H st, has a really cool (huge) fresnel lens from Point St. George Lighthouse, plus other stuff..

Oh, there is a small pet store downtown on 3rd St kids would like

Good food found:
Vita Cucina, Front St and 101 North, good homemade soup, sandwiches, treats
Good Harvest Cafe, 101 south, across from harbor, everything from scrambled tofu to pbj
ChartRoom Restaurant, in harbor has good fish, views of sea lions, harbor

Good Luck and have fun!
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