Need an assist with some citation analysis
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Highly cited journals in online / distance education?

To assist a faculty member, I need to know the top 10-15 most highly cited:

* Education journals generally
* If possible, distance / online education-related journals as well

We do not have access to Journal Citation Reports* - can anyone assist with a search or suggest a reasonably comparable (2009-2010 stats would be acceptable, if that is all I can get) free resource?

* I'm aware of its limitations, but a rough estimate will be fine here.
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Googling "top education journals" leads to this 2009 article: The Intellectual Foundations of Education: Core Journals and Their Impacts on Scholarship and Practice.

"This article updates previous attempts to identify a core set of journals that most education scholars would acknowledge as consequential sources. ...11 primary journals were identified."
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I am not familiar with education journals, but scimago is a good alternative to the "official" impact factors and ratings per topic (they use a range of parameters, including the formula used for the JCR impact factor.
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