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How would one visualize 3 parametars on the same graph? I have to visualize my sleeping schedule (time + day) + alternations of my body temperature during the day on the same graph. How could it be done?
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Plot temperature vs. time on the graph, and represent sleep/wake state by changing the color of the points.
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That's not 3 parameters, that's still 2. Temperature + Time. If you just need a trend over, say, the week, then you can string it all together as time over 7 days.

If you want to compare the days between themselves, then you could have just an x-y graph of the body temperature over time, and then have multiple series (lines), one for each day.

Do you want a further explanation of how to do this in Excel?
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Yes, please, lizbunny, thank you:)
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I need to compare the days between themselves (1 month duration).
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Basically, I have a sleep diary that looks like this, and I should somehow include alternations of my body temperature.
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If you want to try many different ways to easily visualize your data, I can suggest using Tableau Software's tools. You can download the demo version of Desktop, or the Public version. It has a drag-and-drop interface and it's easy to try out many ways of visualizing your data. (Caveat: I work at Tableau).
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What does the temperature data look like? Is it just one data point per day? If so you can do a combination bar and line chart, like the first graph here.
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No, there are 5 points per day.
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What are you plotting about your sleep schedule? Total time slept; some quality measurement like interrupted vs uninterrupted sleep or something else?

Assuming your ultimate goal is to evaluate the effect of something about your sleep schedule on your body temperature, your best bet might be to come up with multiple criterion for sleep quality and and then do a 3D graph where the X axis was your sleep quality score (for whatever criterion you're looking at), the Y axis was time of day and Z was body temperature.
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I'm doing it in order to diagnose my condition - I imagine that changes in body temperature in some way correlates with my changing circadian rhytm.
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I would go bubble chart with play axis - Tableau's demo software will probably do.

On the x-axis - 5 values, one for each temperature data point.
On the y-axis - temperature.
Either for colour or size of the bubbles - awake/asleep.
On the play axis - days.

The visualization you want to see is if the temperature bubbles move up/down over time, also how the awake/asleep toggles change over time. If your sleep moves around over the course of the day over a week or so, you should see sort of a wave ripple across the x-axis with your bubbles. Also if there is a rise/fall in temperature to match as you expect - it should follow the wave.
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Could you post maybe 20 - 30 lines for people to play around with?
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It looks like this:
Mon - wake up - 8 am, bedtime: 1 am
Temp: upon waking - 36 C, then every 3 hours - 36.3, 36.5, 36.8, 36.9, 36.3, bedtime - 36.1
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