A question about selling fine artworks (gallery fees, auction fees, etc.)
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I have some works of fine art by two different Canadian painters that I would like to sell. As I am new to selling, I want to avoid being taken advantage of.

What sort of fees do art appraisers typically charge?
What are the standard percentages taken by reputable art auction houses?
What are the percentages taken by galleries?
Would it be better to use an online service?

Or alternately, anyone here interested in Canadian impressionist artworks?

Any helpful hints or suggestions?
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I would start with an internet search of the artists' works and see if they come up in any auction listings posted online, to get a feel for the pricing and interest in these works.
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My wife was in your position with a drawing from a Canadian impressionist. She found dealing with Sotheby's in Toronto to be pretty staightforward. She phoned, they asked her to email a photo and had a follow up chat with her. They weren't interested in selling her drawing but it was the most satisfying exchange among the few leads she was following. Obviously I don"t have enough experience to vouch for the company but Sotheby's has a well advertised sale of Canadian art every year. Canadian impressionist paintings have risen in value and set records in recent years, despite the recession.

I don't see how sending the photo to a few auction houses would be a bad thing. A dealer is only going to pay you as much as he'll be guaranteed to turn a profit on.
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