Need to save minutes on my mobile bill
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Does anyone have recent experience with free VOIP apps for Android.

I have a Samsung Conquer running Gingerbread and would like an app that automatically places my calls over Wifi when it's available. Does such an app exist? My provider is Ting if that makes a difference.
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Response by poster: Not yet, will GV do what I want?
posted by buggzzee23 at 1:24 PM on March 22, 2012

I use Google Voice on my Android phone, and it's great, but it does not place calls over wifi, it still uses your plan's minutes.
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I've read about a few apps that do this, you might try Fring instead.
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Response by poster: So far, it looks like the combination of Google Voice and GrooVe IP will do what I want. I'll hold off on marking best answer and this as resolved for a bit in case someone comes along with a better suggestion. Thanks Burhanistan.
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Response by poster: Thanks Burhanistan! The combination of Google Voice and GrooVe IP is exactly what I was looking for. The lite version sounded like crap so I dropped the 5 bucks and the call quality matches what I was getting using Sprint. I've run into a couple minor glitches but was able to overcome them using the Groove's troubleshooting guide. I'm going to keep playing with this through the weekend and probably port my phone number over to Google Voice on Monday for the full functionality I need.

Thanks again, this looks like a perfect match to my needs.
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