Can't Stop the Muzak
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Where can I find some horrible, soul-deadening instrumental music like that heard on "Between Two Ferns" (link to Funny or Die video)?
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Dying for Bad Music may be your one-stop shop.
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Best answer: For true elevator-style music, check out Mantovani.
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Muzak is a company which streams a wide variety of 'canned' music to their clients. The name is often applied to a specific, somewhat archaic musical style -- nowadays, using that label is rather inaccurate (although well recognized).

Easy Listening (aka 'elevator music') is rarely heard in public nowadays, but I've been a fan since I was a kid, when every major market had an Easy Listening radio station. Yes, Mantovani was one of the big names, along with Bert Kämpfert, Ray Conniff, Jackie Gleason(!), Percy Faith and many others.

Joseph Lanza wrote a good survey of this genre called Elevator Music.
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You might check out 101 Strings
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