Know any films with a father that has a personal life?
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I'm looking for movies that have a father that is living well even beyond family life.

I'm a new dad who is ecstatic about his baby and loves the family focus - but I've obviously lost (at least temporarily) some of the ability to be spontaneous, to go out, and freedom in general.

I just want to see happy fathers (not of newborns) still having a life - preferably an interesting one - so i can look forward to having a family life and a personal life in the future.
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Shadow of the Thin Man?

Nick is a boozy detective. Having a wife and kid doesn't change that. Of course kid-raising is mostly outsourced to the nanny.
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In all the Tom Clancy book-based movies like Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games, etc, the main character, Jack Ryan is a devoted dad, but does tons of other stuff.
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What about TV shows? Keith Mars (father of Veronica Mars) is a kickass dad who runs his own private investigation business. Granted, Veronica is a highschooler. But he's the best example I can think of of 'awesome TV/movie dad'.
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If you like fantasy - Sam Vimes from Terry Pratchett's City Watch subset of the Discworld series is a devoted husband and father. One of the subplots of The Fifth Elephant is his ongoing struggle - sometimes in the face of what seem like insuperable odds - to get home every day to read his son a bedtime story while investigating a murder.
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The Cosby Show?
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Wow I totally misread the question to be books, not movies - sorry about that.
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Family Guy
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To Kill a Mockingbird. May be heavier than what you're looking for, but I think Atticus Finch is a great dad who also has a meaningful career, albeit a quieter social life.
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Knocked Up has a whole subplot arc about this very thing with the Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann characters. It ends on what should be, for you, a gratifying note. There's actually a sequel of sorts focusing on those two characters called This Is Forty coming out later this year.
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Another vote for "Mockingbird."

The father in "My Neighbor Totoro" appears to have a really fulfilling career in teaching, while being a great dad and a neat guy.

Also gonna nominate my personal favorite movie of all time, "Babe," because Farmer Hoggett is an absolute kick-ass man/father/grandfather who takes the time to invent an awesome spring-powered automatic gate thingie.
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Big Fish
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Kind of cheesy but I'll say it: Space Jam.
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Friends with Kids.
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