Help me find a 90" (w) sofa sectional with left arm chaise
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Looking for a 90" (w) sofa sectional. Cannot find one anywhere, with the sole exception of a model that is from Restoration Hardware (MAXWELL UPHOLSTERED LEFT-ARM SOFA CHAISE SECTIONAL) selling for 5k. This is a very nice couch but since I have to buy a small couch, I would rather spend less. That being said, I love the look of the RH one

My total dimensions are 121" (w) by 166" (L)

The reason I cannot fill the entire 166" with a sofa width is because we have to leave a thoroughfare to gain access to our basement door.

We will have a tv that our (future) sofa sectional will face and we have plent of space left along the wall that the chaise (Left arm) will point towards.
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Half the price of the RH one.

Does it have to be exactly 90"? This one from EQ3 is 81" and this one is 95".

88" and there seem to be a bunch that are smaller.
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The dual pebble sectional from CB2 is a bit bigger, but might work (97.75"W).

The lotus is another option.

Ikea has one that is only slightly larger than your requirements (94.5") and it's ridiculously cheap at $699.
MÃ…NSTAD Corner sofa-bed with storage, Gobo dark beige

I'd also check out West Elm and see if any of their modular options would work for you.
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Have you checked Room and Board? They have a good selection of sectionals in a number of different configurations. At first glance I see the Gannon Queen Plus Sleeper Sofa w/Chaise (88" wide; drop down box changes the chaise arm), but there might be others.
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I really like the quality of the Canadian (available all over the US) company EQ3. Nicer than IKEA but reasonable and they have a ton of upholstery options. There's this sectional, which is 93". I'm no good with dimensions, so I don't know if that 3" is a dealbreaker.

Also, this: Ashton 2-piece appears to be 90" on one side? It's kind of hard to tell.

On preview, this took me a really long time to type on the iPad, so I see EQ3 already got a mention!
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I love my 96" Lounge Sofa from Crate & Barrel, but it also comes in an 83" version as well as a sectional.
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I would recommend trying out the couch before you buy it. We have a Restoration Hardware couch and we got it primarily because it was much more comfortable than the other couches we looked at.
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This sofa from zgallerie is 87" wide and looks similar to the RH one.
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Norwalk Furniture can do a 90" sectional with a chaise and it looks like the Cabo style would be very similar to the RH one, plus you'd get a huge selection of fabrics. For price reference, I have the Copley Square 90" x 90" sectional in a microfiber and it was about $3,000, so I imagine the chaise configuration in a similar fabric would be less. It's super comfy and durable (it's been about 6 years now and still going strong).
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I see someone already mentioned the IKEA Manstad. I'm sitting on mine right now. It also has the bonus of being a sofa bed and having storage space inside the chaise.
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All great suggestions! Love the eq3 stuff (was my first choice but then found out about the lead-time) so I am glad that brand was brought to my attention.

I decided to go with the very first option, Dane 90" sofa sectional sold by smart furniture for $2400. They ship in 7-10 business days.

Thank you all!!
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Oh! Do pop in and let us know how it looks in person. I didn't even know I wanted a sectional couch until I started looking around for you, and now I am thinking about how if I flip my living room, mirror-like, I could totally do a 90" sectional in this one corner...
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