Pregnancy Present for a lady with Hashimotos
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A friend of mine has Hashimotos and just (happily) got pregnant. She's super worried about her pregnancy and I'd love to send her a care package, but I know there's tons of exclusions of food for both pregnancy and Hashimotos, so I'd love some input on what would make her day!
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I am pregnant with Hashimoto's. There are no food restrictions, except for some timing issues in the AM. She just has to
-- take her thyroid meds (presumably levothyroxine) every day
-- on an empty stomach
-- wait an hour before eating
-- and remember to take her prenatals and calcium supplements much later in the day -- at least 4 hours later.

She also should get a thyroid panel done every 4 weeks. Her dosage will increase furing pregnancy. "Every four weeks" is the recommendation of both my endocrinologist and my high-risk OBGYN. (I go to the high risk OBGYN because I also have type 1 diabetes. I wouldn't bother for the Hashimoto's alone.)
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How loving to think of her!

I've had Hashimoto's for 16 years -- and most of the women in my family have it with no food limitations. It's just a way to become hypothyroid.

As for pregnancy, I'm not sure about limitations other than alcohol and such, but I'd send something you know she'd just love to eat. Maybe stay away from high preservatives, fats, or sodium, but I think a special treat might be okay.
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I'm not a pregnant lady, but I've had Hashi's since I was 12. (Over 20 years now.)

I think folks with Hashi's have extremely varied diets. I'd be surprised if she had any food restrictions related to Hashimoto's unless she's personally chosen a restrictive diet to help with Hashi side effects.

Do you happen to know if she is actively gluten-free, paleo, raw, vegan, etc?

Is there something she really enjoys? A sweet treat? Good dark chocolate or perhaps home-made cookies? I would honestly just gift her food as you would any other pregnant woman.

Does the gift have to be food-related?
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General pregnancy restrictions are usually things that are refrigerated (lunch meat, soft cheeses, etc) so you wouldnt be sending those anyway.

I'd send some sort of care package like a snacky thing, magazine, and a cd. Something she can use to pamper herself. When the baby comes, a ton of convenience (yet healthy if possible) snack food would be nice because you often feel like you don't have time to eat with a new little one.
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Early in my pregnancy, I ate so many lemonheads to help with the nausea. I got those giant movie theater sized boxes and would finish one in a couple days. And starlight mints too. They also sell something called Preggy Pops. I think they're just suckers that are ginger flavored. I remember seeing them at Motherhood Maternity.
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I don't know anything about pregnancy, but Hashimoto's doesn't have any food/lifestyle restrictions except "take your meds and get a blood test once a year or so."
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Roobios tea is awesome for pregnancy (Numi makes a really good one with a vanilla vibe, though it's a little spendy. The Whole Foods version with a slight orange flavor is pretty good. TJ's Roobios Chai is too spicy for me during pregnancy.)

Personally, my go-to snacks are trail mix and dried apricots. Nice lotion is also good (I just use cetaphil in a tub, though there's pregnancy specific ones out there).

If she likes to read, I'd get her a fluffy paperback she might like, and maybe a DVD. Early on resting is the most important so anything that will take her mind off things for a little bit.
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