Cleaning a Scotchgarded sofa?
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How can I clean my already-Scotchgarded sofa?

I got this sofa from CraigsList a few months ago, and the previous owner had just spent $150 cleaning/Scotchgarding the upholstery. It's gotten a little dingy, and I'd like to clean it but I haven't been able to find much via google other than professional cleaning services, which I'd rather avoid seeing as cash is a little tight. There aren't any stains on it- it's just a little greyer than it was when I first bought it.
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No matter who cleans it (professional or you) or what you use to clean it, you'll still have to reapply scotchgaurd. It's not saveable. There's all sorts of products available for cleaning upholstery - just find the one that's right for your material and follow instructions.

We have our own carpet & upholstery steamer/cleaning machine now because it's such a pain to clean by hand, but if you are short on cash & want to mix your own cleaner:

Mix 1/4 cup liquid dishwashing or laundry detergent with 1 C water in a big container. User a mixer to get it foamy/sudsy. Apply the suds to your sofa and scrub with a soft brush. Wipe/lift off the dirty suds, then wipe with a clean wrung out damp rag.

Otherwise, vaccuum the sofa every month to keep the dust down.
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Two methods that I have successfully used:

1. You need white cotton rags, ammonia, a pail or bowl, and water.

Make a mild solution of ammonia and water (1/4 cup per gallon or so.) Wet a white cotton rag with the cleaning solution and wring out as much as you can. Fold the rag neatly. Lightly rub upholstery, maybe a 6x6 inch area. Change to a clean section of rag and move to the next 6x6" section of upholstery.

When the furniture dries in a few hours, the fabric might feel a little stiff, but it will go back to normal with use.

2. On preview, I see that LadyBonita has recommended my second method, which is just as good as my #1.
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if the covers are removable, you can just take them off and wash/dry clean them. depending on the material. check for a zip at the back of cushions. applying new scotchguard doesn't cost a lot, but can't be that great for the environment or your lungs.
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