Suggest unto me some dressy -- albeit light -- men's jackets & outerwear!
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Suggest unto me some dressy -- albeit lighter -- men's jackets & outerwear!

Now that it's starting to get a bit warmer here in SF, I'm looking to ditch my heavier Sterlingwear peacoat for the time being. While it wasn't too versatile, that coat did serve me well over those colder nights this winter, and I'll be a bit sad to see it go. However, I'd like to find a lighter -- perhaps just a little lighter than a hoodie -- and dressier jacket that wears well with button-downs & oxfords, both with and without a tie (I have mainly knit ties in mind here.)

I realize that description's a little broad, but I'm not even sure where or for what I should look, and I'm not trying to pin down something specific, so I'll welcome just about any recommendation! As a datapoint, I think this Brooks Brothers jacket in navy (although I doubt it could really be called a bomber...?), is a decent example of what I'm looking for, for what that's worth:

I'm not too enthralled by the price, however, taking into account that I haven't got any idea of the construction, but I'm assuming it'd be decent, considering it's being put out by BB. Also, I'm not sure it'd look right worn with a tie, either, but that might be workable with a knit.

Anyway, please do suggest away, Mefites!
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Banana Republic makes a few things that might work. Like this or this or this -- how do those do on what you're picturing?
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J. Crew has some nice summer pieces for guys. I've always been happy with their quality.
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Probably too casual but my first thought was the Dickies Eisenhower jacket (lined version here).
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That BB jacket looks kinda like a Baracuta G9 Harrington, which are awesome and classic.
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Hey, you and I are looking for the same thing! I'm not really having any luck, either, and having a short body with chimpanzee arms isn't helping me find something off-the-shelf. Certainly have a flip through Mr Porter's casual jackets section for ideas.

If you think you'll be matching this with a collar and tie regularly, definitely consider something with lapels. In warmer weather, what you're looking for is the unstructured blazer. Look at this fella. Is it a coat? Is it a blazer? Who knows! Wear it anyway!

Let us know what you find. I'm desperate for something before this early and probably abridged spring ends. I'm even considering a denim jacket in the meantime, something I haven't worn in over a decade. I'll pop back in with any finds.
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Have you considered just going for a blazer in lieu of an actual coat? Some kind of plaid would be a good mix of dressy/casual, you could wear a tie or not, and it would be wearable year-round if you want to put an overcoat on top of it.

I don't know about your tolerance for cold, but I'll wear just a blazer as cold as 50 degrees or so.
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Consider blazers in seersucker and linen (as well as cotton, of course) to get the lightness you are looking for. Though, I have no specific links for you, sorry.
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