Mental health support in Tokyo
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Help me help a friend suffering severe depression in Tokyo.

My friend is fluent in Japanese as well as English. I want to be able to provide some contact information to places that offer urgent mental health services. If it helps, my friend is in the country on a student visa, but I don't know if their university is an option at all, for many reasons. Even a phone line to call would be better than nothing.

I'm ever so grateful for any help on this.
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Best answer: this place might be a useful place to start depending on how urgent it is:
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I don't know your friend's situation but it sounds like friend is pretty alone over there. Do try to keep in touch with your friend, even if it's just a daily email. I've traveled on business, and I find that being alone in a big, populated city is alienating and depressing.
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Best answer: Tell them to call TELL (Tokyo English Lifeline) 03-5774-0992 and visit the website:

Free anonymous telephone counseling (for immediate help) as well as a couseling center for face to face help.

I know several people who have used or been involved with this service so I can recommend it unreservedly.
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