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I'm looking for some websites for the beginner. I'm fine with the animation part. That is (relatively) easy. But I'm pretty much totally lost on the Action script part of it, and the Adobe tutorials are a little complicated for my idiot self. I'm just a little ol' designer and all this talk of code and scripts and computer lingo is freaking me out. I'll take anything. Any ideas. Any help. Anything. Thank you.
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Response by poster: Wow. i can't even post a question the right way any more. this is really sad.
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i'm not a programmer myself, so i borrow scripts from other people. flashkit.com has a huge library of scripts other people have written for what ever function you are trying to create in your animations. but you have to know atleast the basics of action scripting to know where to put which script where. I started with flash ver 3 and only read up to chapt 3 of the manual to get started, everything else was just trial and error.
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Which Adobe tutorials are you using? I've always had good luck withthis series.

Also, it helps to think of learning any kind of code as learning a new language, like Spanish or German. Like those you start with simple words like "Hello!", or in the case of ActionScript, the simplest command "Hello World". Then you build onto more complex commands, kind of like building from saying "Hello" in Spanish or German to phrases and then to sentences, and so forth. It also works that way with basic html and many other types of code for me anyway. Hope that helps!
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Try these sample tutorials at killeractionscript.com. Lynda.com has a 7hr essential training course on the stuff.

Both of these sites have helped me a lot in the past so maybe you'll be able to get something out of them. Once you get your feet a little wet, the rest is usually pretty easy...
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I used to like GoToAndLearn and GoToAndPlay. I have not made anything with Flash in over a year or so, so I cannot vouch for them more recently.

I second the lynda.com tutorials as being very thorough, and easy to search if you are having a particular problem you are trying to solve.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, these are great. I am no longer in panic mode.
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