What's the smell on a freshly cleaned aeroplane?
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What's the smell on a freshly cleaned aeroplane and can it be replicated?

There's a distinctive "clean" smell on boarding a freshly cleaned aeroplane that I find comforting and would like to replicate in my home if possible. It seems to be standard across airlines and aircraft models so I assume it's some sort of cleaner. Does anyone what it is and if it can be easily acquired?
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I'm thinking it a combination of stale burnt jet fuel and just a hint of Lektro-Tech Super Corr A
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I did a search, and this "Super Vinall" comes up over and over again for airplane cleaners. Super Vinall.

Not sure if that's universally used. If you go on particular airlines, you could always ask a flight attendant what cleaners/solvents/air fresheners they use. I'm sure it's not classified.
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