Can I lay down during my layover in Warsaw?
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Last-minute travel question: Can I leave the Warsaw airport during my layover?

I'm flying into Warsaw next Saturday afternoon and leaving on a connecting flight later that night. I'd hoped to book a room at the airport Marriott so as to avoid waiting around in the terminal for 10+ hours. Having never been to Warsaw I don't know if this is possible -- I am travelling on an EU passport so immigration shouldn't be a concern, but a well-travelled friend said Polish authorities might be concerned that I'm leaving the airport without my bags (which will be in transit.) Any info would be appreciated.
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It sounds like people do it as a matter of course, either touring or staying in a hotel.
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In November I flew to Warsaw (from the US) with only a carry-on. Nobody stopped me at any point to inquire about luggage. I had a stopover in Germany and had gone through immigration there, so, in fact, I didn't go through a single check point after landing in Poland. I can't speak to the legality of or airline policies about what you want to do, and as always YMMV.
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Where are you arriving from? If it's a Schengen country then there is no border/immigration control on arrival in Poland.
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Totally fine: if your luggage is checked through and you've got your onward boarding passes and claim checks, just leave the airport.

If your bags are not checked through, you could collect your luggage, head toward the Marriott via the departures/check-in area, check in before you leave the terminal (or online!) for your onward flight, and then on your return leave your bags at the bag drop when you're ready to depart.

Alternatively, just leave your bags at the left luggage office.
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Thanks, all -- very helpful! I will update after surviving my 24-hour trip to Tbilisi.
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As mdonley said it was as easy as that -- cleared immigration control with my EU passport, headed to the hotel; repeated the process on the way out. Thanks all!
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