Title for apocalyptic noir flick?
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Can anyone suggest a title for an end of the world movie?

Right now it's called Eschaton (no, not the liberal blogger), but most people can't pronounce it. Doesn't exactly scream "Rent me!" (Plus our money guy'll have none of it.)

It's about a group of ancient gods who come to Earth to stop one of their own from causing the apocalypse. Sounds goofy, I know, but we're playing it as a really gory black comedy/noir-flick. We've been pitching it as "Passion of the Christ" meets "Road House."

We've been pounding our heads against the wall trying to think of something new, but nothing's coming. I know it's hard to come up with something like this when you haven't actually read the script, but if ya'll could just throw some ideas out there it might at least put us on an interesting track.
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P.S. If we use something you suggest, I'll be sure to put a special thanks in the credits...
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Ragnarok and Roll

Not new, but it hasn't been used for a feature film.
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xiuhmolpilli - I guess that doesn't help your whole unpronounceable problem? How about:

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End of Worlds

(or) The name of the rogue God, if it sounds neat.


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Armageddon Outta Here!
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"Armageddon It"

"Bad God"

"Someone's Got a Case of the Apocalypse!"

"Exit Music"

"Reining the Horsemen"

"Black Friday" (or whatever day)
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Apocalypse When?
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How 'bout "The Widening Gyre" from Yeats:

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned....
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How about "The End"? Then if you have an opener scene before the credits, when you eventually show the title you'll confuse the heck out of people. :)

It's been used a few times before, though. But not in anything significant.

Eschat Attack
While the Armageddon's Good
End Zone
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So you don't want the title to be goofy? Do you want it to be funnier than Eschaton? Or are you looking to give it a film noirish title? (Noir titles are awesomely overdramatic: Next Stop: Armageddon.)

What's the span of time the film covers?
Is it most day/night, summer fall?
What's the last line of the movie?
Who's the main protagonist (name, psychographic)?
Who do you think this film will do well with?
Why else would someone pick it up?
Are these Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian.. gods? Or ones of your own devising?
What's the one idea you want someone to walk away with?

Sorry. I work in naming. Y'always need a creative brief to generate names ;)
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Destructus Interruptus ?

(C) 2005, R.Mutt :P
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You can't go wrong with "Everlasting Godstoppers" or "Godstoppers, Everlasting".

Why did you want to use Eschaton? The plot reminds me of the backstory of one of The Legend of Zelda games (I think it's Ocarina of Time although it could be Majora's Mask...I always get them mixed up). I'm glad you're not going to call it Eschaton - it sounds too much like Ishtar.

I love off-the-top-of-my-head naming threads, but I'm not getting whether or not you want the title to be funny, ironic, clever, serious...what?

Armaggedon, Interrupted
The Last God
Somebody Up There Likes Us
Anatomy of an Apocalypse
Armaggedon Now
Ancient History
The God Code
My Big Fat Greek Mythunderstanding
Anarchy A GoGo
Deconstructing the End of the World
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Ends of the Earth

Out Of Time

God of Thunder
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I vote for Gucky's "Next Stop: Armageddon."
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Deus Ex Machina?

they do show up at the end, after all.
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We're of two thoughts on the type of title (though we're open to other ideas): something short and punchy, kind of ominous sounding, or something noirish. Probably nothing too goofy (although I almost fell off my chair when I read "Armageddon Outta Here!")

Time span: 12 hours. It's day during the first scene, then everything plunges into what we term a "pre-apocalyptic night" for the rest of the movie.

Last line: "This sucks."

Protagonist: A schizophrenic ancient warrior named Zeke. He inhabits the body of a bum in an alley and enjoys Woo-style shootouts.

Demographics: This'd probably do well with teenage guys, mostly because it merits a hard R-rating. Action fans. Horror fans (because of the gore and supernatural angle). Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans would probably dig it, as it has a similar sense of humor (my co-writer is very influenced by Whedon). Someone once said the script reads like Monty Python doing an action flick.

The gods are Mesopotamian (although we play it rather fast and loose with the mythology... our thinking being that the myths played fast and loose with what really happened...)

P.S. Thank you everyone for your suggestions so far... I'm making a list to show my partner.
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iconomy: Why Eschaton? You know how you sometimes get a word stuck in your head? Maybe that's just me. Anyway, during the first draft of the script, I had that word rattling around in my head and felt a need to use it. It literally fits I suppose, but no one will know what the hell we're talking about. And it does have an "Ishtar" vibe, doesn't it?

As far as the Zelda connection, that's a surprise to me. Never played many games....
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12 hours


Bum Fight

720 (the amount of minutes in 12 hours)

Day Into Night
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Our Last Dance
Until We Meet Again
Crash Black
The Last Move
Deadly End
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Sounds a little similar to the plot of Dogma, doesn't it?
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plot kinda reminds me of "Good Omens" by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prattchet.

now as far as a title..."One hell of a day"
kinda noirish...but also counds kinda comic bookish too
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Almost Over
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Night Erra (Erra, of course, being the god of war, death etc)
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The Gloaming
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Got A Ram Or Dung?
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Sounds a little similar to the plot of Dogma, doesn't it?

Well, Dogma was essentially a chase-the-MacGuffin story involving supernatural entities.

So is this. Beyond that, "Eschaton" (or whatever) is completely different tonally, philosophically, structurally, and character-wise.

We get the Dogma comparison a lot when we describe the project to people (which is a problem) but when they read it they change their tune. Thank God, 'cause I can't stand Kevin Smith. (I'm gonna get drawn and quartered for that, aren't I?)

ShawnString: I've heard of Good Omens, but haven't read it. What are the similarities?

P.S. One thing that might spawn some titles is the setting. It's all in modern day New Orleans.
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I always think "I Feel Fine" when I hear anything about the end of the world, but you might have to give REM some dough...

As for Good Omens, I don't see much of a similarity myself other than it being about the end of the world.
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How about:

Expiration Date

It seems like you're looking for a tounge-in-cheek title to match the campy story line. Maybe this idea could be written into the story. For example, perhaps one of the characters prefers some vice (cigarettes?) that is expired or is constantly looking for something consumable but finds that the product is always expired. Comedy ensues . . .
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Passion of the Road House
Road House of the Christ Passion
Someone Should Do Something
We are Gods! (Are We Not?)
Quick! Zeus Is About To Do Something Stupid
I Haven't Used My Godly Powers for Awhile
Yes, We Definitely Should
Let Us Stop that Bolt of Lightning!
The Dumb God
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"This summer: It took him 7 days to create it, and half a day to destroy it. It's the Finnnalll CouNTDowwnnn!"

How about "The Destroyer"?
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A movie about the end of the world set in Nawlins?
I have two words for you my friend:

"Bad Ju-Ju"
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Twilight of the Gods
Full Stop
To Kill a God
Gods of Noir
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If it's a comedy: We're All Fucked!

If it's drama: We're All Fucked, Tomorrow!
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(the) Last Gods
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A few more New Orleans titles:
Blood on the Bayou
Blood on Bourbon Street
The Creole Catastrophe
The Persistence of Voodoo
Crisis in the Crescent City
Big Trouble in the Big Easy
The City that Care Forgot
Let the Good Times Roll
Brass Band Funeral
Jazz Funeral
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Doom With a View
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Almost Over is actually really good.
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The End of the World
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This Day All Gods Die
Stop Or My God Will Shoot
Die Die Deity
Beignet Brith
Marduks of Hazzard
Hammurabi Dawn
The Enki Darkness
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Zed, the Last of Zeke
wait, zed is the first of Zeke. never mind

Doom With a View - nice one, dong_resin
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Penultimate Frisbee
T Minus
The Final Call

I love "stop or my God will shoot."
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Revelations 666
tagline: "wake up & smell the coffee"
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The Ancient Mesopotamian Gods must be Crazy
Zekes Big Adventure
End of the Road
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Just spell it like the Coil folk did: Eskaton.
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God Trouble
God With a Gun
Dead Gods Don't Talk
Reservoir Gods (sorry can't resist)
The God War
Gods Gone Bad
God on the Run
The Godkillers
Smackdown of the Gods
God Crazy

(I like Bad Juju best, personally.)
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The Last Twilight
The Last Dusk
Twilight's Last Gleaming
From Cradle to Grave (mesopotamia = 'cradle of civilization', but I think there's already a movie called this?)
Hell's Gumbo
Get Your Marduk's in a Row

Wow, getting stupid. Amazing how hard it is to come up with titles, isn't it? Always leads to (fun, but pointless) dumbassery.
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Mana War
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Whore of Babylon!

that's begging to get rented.
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War on Terra
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Bite Me Gilgamesh
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Graven Images
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Akkadian Idol
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Breakin 2: Electric Umunmutamku
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Baal Breakers
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Worlds Gone Wild!
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Rock Me Armageddon
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Last Night
It Shall Be Done
Shall Be Done
Be Done
The Gods Aren't Smiling
Ungodly Might
Mardi Grave
Smite Night
Swing Low Sweet Chariot (of death)
Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense
New Orleans is Sinking
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plot kinda reminds me of "Good Omens" by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prattchet.

I was thinking Gaiman's American Gods, myself.

The Godfather [sic]
The God Complex
Dear Gods!
God Plays Dice ("At least one of them does. And it's actually roulette.")
Rogue God [weak, but can't believe someone didn't already say it]
Pantheon Posse [ugh.]
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New Orleans eh?

La Fin--Du Monde or La Fin at Du Monde?

The Big Ending

Ending Easy or It Ended Easy

Cresent Farewell

Jazzzeek Jazzend (sorta sounds Mesopotamian :-p)


Bourbon Street Blowup


It Finally Gets Cleaned Up (get it?)

The Last Saint

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Disclosure: "This Day All Gods Die" wormed its way into my subconcious from somewhere, and I just realized where. It's the title of the fifth book of the (absolutely stupendous) Gap series by Stephen Donaldson.

I don't think titles can be copyrighted, so this shouldn't be a problem if that's the one you liked, but I can't take credit for it.
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Annunaki Nights (assuming you are going for the old for the old Akkadian gods you could always go for Fatal Erra - Erra being the god of death - shit - on preview Quartermass had it first, even if mine is better ;P)
Enter Sandman

There are tons of groovy Babylonian/Akkadian gods you can use to make a good name.
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