What was this scifi comic from the 80s?
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I was amazed how quickly I got a similar question I answered last week, so here goes another one, as I delve the origins of my subconscious... I am looking for a comic in book form/graphic novel that would have been around in (probably) 1982. It was a similar style to the Heavy Metal comics I guess. It featured a computer called Rose and a huge weird kind of evil organ (as in the kind you get in a church!). That's about it. If anyone gets this I will be suitably impressed... thanks MeFites.
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No definitive answer but possible leads - could it have been written by Philippe Druillet? On this page it mentions that he did a comic with a female computer called Rose. Here is his wiki page.

This is one of his comics, called Rose. Possibly it was translated to English after the French version was published?
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Iconomy must be right—here's a panel from Rose with the organ and some dialog about how it's being used to control some robots (or something like that, my French is beyond rusty). There are some other panels on this blog.
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Rose was part of the Lone Sloan series by Philippe Druillet. Published in Metal Hurlant and Pilote. I think all were translated into English at one point or another. Very Heavy Metal, in more than one sense.
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Sorry, that's Lone Sloane.
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Hmmm... thanks. This could be it. I remember the artwork as being slicker and sexier, but that may be my memory... it would seem strange for a comic to have all those elements and NOT be the right one- unless it was fashionable I guess? Might have to hunt down a copy - this looks good anyway.
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It's totally Lone Sloane. In the copy I've got, it comes with a longer story called Delirius.

It's crazy loco mental.
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What's the copy you've got called Sebmojo? I'd like to get a copy and want to make sure I pick the right one - is this it?

Also -is Delirius the organ?

Yeah, I remember it being pretty crazy; I read it multiple times when I was about 8 and I think that explains a few things ha.

Cheers all, this must be it!
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