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Maryland: Help me find a nice year-round co-op or CSA in the Baltimore Metro Area?

Hi all, I'm a recent transplant to Arbutus in Maryland. I'm looking for a good co-op or CSA in the area (driving distance is fine). I've looked on Local Harvest and other Ask threads, but most of the CSA selection seems to be limited to a specific season, around 8-10 weeks in summer or fall. That's fine, but I was hoping for a group that sources veggies/fruit all year. Does anyone know of a group that works along those lines?

I've been lucky -- I was formerly part of the excellent Purple Dragon Co-op in NJ, which had great selection all year. =)
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The Baltimore Food Co-op opened's right off I-83 and you can shop there without being a member if you like, or you can join for $100.
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Lansdowner here, and the Maryland models really are mostly 'you get the food that we grow here, plus some special guest stars.' If you can wait a couple weeks, you may have luck going to the JFX Farmer's Market on the 1st and seeing who's delivering.
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I'll look into both. Thanks!
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South Mountain Creamery in Frederick County started veggie delivery a couple years ago, so maybe check the South Mountain Veggie site to see if they deliver out your way? They go year round, and fill out the winter bags with some trusted out-of-footprint sources. We get milk and veggies delivered in a cooler on our front porch every week.
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The 32nd St./Waverly farmers market in Baltimore is open year-round every Saturday morning. If you go be sure to get a biscuit from Blacksauce Kitchen. South Mountain Creamery is there if you want to talk to them in person. I'm pretty sure they cover all of MD and DC, and possibly Northern VA.
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I was on my phone earlier; here are links to the 32nd St Market and South Mountain Creamery.
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Sweet! I really like SMC. Thanks all!
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