Recommend a surf instructor / school for one-time intermediate "lesson" in Santa Cruz?
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Recommend a surf instructor / school for one-time intermediate "lesson" in Santa Cruz? I've got half a day and want to get wet, and want some local knowledge to help pick the equipment & spot, plus help me improve.

I'm headed out to San Francisco for work next week and will have Friday off. I want to get in the water on Friday before spending the weekend with extended family. I'll have a car and will be staying in Santa Clara for the weekend.

I'm a reasonably skilled but mediocre surfer - no airs or buckets of spray here, but I've spent multiple vacation weeks in Nosara CR and can handle myself in surf up to about head high. OTOH, I'm really uncomfortable paddling out at an unfamiliar location solo.

I'm considering paying for a 2-hr lesson so I'd be hooked up with board / wetsuit / spot selection appropriate for the swell and my skill level. Pie in the sky: I'd like the opportunity to surf decent (non-extreme) waves in a reasonably mellow lineup with some feedback.

I've found a few places on Google, but they all advertise as catering to beginners. I'm willing to pay a premium (but not too much) for a fiberglass/epoxy board rental and local knowledge to somewhere besides Cowells.

Any suggestions for a reputable / fun outfit? Should I look up the coast a bit, like Pacifica?
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It's been years since I lived in Santa Cruz but almost all the people who're making their living doing surf schools there are very experienced surfers. Off the top of my head I'd think of Richard Schmidt, Ed Guzman, or maybe Dylan Greiner. They probably advertise as catering to beginners because that's who most of their customers are. That doesn't mean that they can't help someone who's not a beginner.
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I did a Richard Schmidt surf camp despite not being a beginner and I really like it/him, I highly recommend him for Santa Cruz surfing.
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Response by poster: Enjoyed my trip, didn't get to surf (waves too big for me) but did get a "grand tour" of surf spots with names that have been touchstones all my east coast life: Ocean Beach, Mavericks (breaking), Steamer Lane. Also saw lots of places in-between. If I were going again with another chance to surf it would probably be at Lindamar - close to San Fran, mellow vibe, Taco Bell on the beach.

In the meantime, if you're looking to catch some waves at Folly hit me up and I'll lend you a board or point you in the right direction!
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