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I'm looking for some really hip websites, magazines or podcasts that comment and report on arts, entertainment, culture and a little (just a little!) on politics. I already read, Slate Magazine and Rolling Stone, but I need more. Any ideas?
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Coincidentally, Cool Hunting is worth following. It's a little more geared towards cool 'stuff', but there's plenty of arts and music there too.
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Check out We Make Money Not Art - fantastic links, good commentary, and it's all tagged for your shopping convenience.
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Boing Boing is an incredibly obvious suggestion, but I'll make it anyway.
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My arty & mag links.
And otherwise, as iconomy says - look at the links - I do!
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err...what I mean to say is: check out blogroll links on sites that appeal - that's where I've found most of my most loved sites.
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Some of my semi-daily design-related reads:

MOCO LOCO, "Modern contemporary design."
Sensory Impact, "The culture of objects."
Signal vs. Noise, a "weblog...about design, customer experience, entertainment, politics,...products we like, small business, ourselves, and more."
Design Observer

Any one of these will (as peacay notes) lead you via sidebars to more sites than you could possible absorb. And if you like Slate/Salon, The Morning News is kind of a hipster (both good and bad connotations intended) version of them.
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Maison Neuve.
BBC Collective (more culture, less politics).
Spiked (more politics, less culture).
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2 Blowhards blog, despite its name, is written by some very smart people covering just the subjects you mention.
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ArtsJournal & ArtsJournal Blogs
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For music info visit Pitchfork. It's basically the final word on hipster music (although I reeeeeally hate the word "hipster" -- I just can't come up with an adequate substitute right now).
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