Proposing this Saturday, need a place to eat in Colorado that is Gluten/All Natural Friendly
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Proposing this weekend, any restaurant ideas for after?

Update on the ring (if you care), I bought one of these:

I'm proposing to my girlfriend this weekend, I know she's going to say yes (we're already planning a December wedding).

I am proposing to her in Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park, Colorado on Saturday. She loves Beau Jo's pizza but we just had that last week, and we've had it a lot lately. This is kind of my price range but I can go more expensive.

What are some romantic places (to eat at, Boulder/Longmont/Estes Park/Broomfield) that meet the following requirements?

1. Gluten Free. I need a gluten free menu
2. Has all natural meat
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The over-the-top option is Flagstaff House. It provides amazing food and a super legit view. If you told them the plan, I am certain they would do something special for you... I feel pretty confident that you can get your requirements handled there as well.
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This seems tailor-made for a dinner at Salt or Kitchen in Boulder. There's also Kitchen Next Door which is cheaper, more bistro-like, but definitely high-quality natural/organic food and a nice (although slightly less romantic) atmosphere; they have killer soups and salads. Neither one is completely gluten-free but as you can see by their menus, it's not hard at all to order gluten-free from what they have. They both also local-source their meats, so you'd be good on that front. It's pricier than Beau Jo's but if you skip wine then you should be able to get dinner for two for well under $100.

If that's too pricey, I might take a gamble on the weather being nice and pack a great picnic. If you're not a cook, you could load up with gluten-free yummies from Whole Foods, grab a bottle of champagne or prosecco at Liquor Mart, and have in mind a nice picnic place to pop the bubbly and celebrate.
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Given your normal price range, you might like to try Organic Orbit in Boulder. The name makes it sound really non-romantic, but it's a nice place.

The other suggestions above are also good ones, too. Can't go wrong with any of those places provided the menus look pleasing to you. From experience, Flagstaff is super careful about dietary concerns -- they throw in a lot of little extra things like amuse bouche, etc., and they brought out special items for me or my husband who both have food allergies.

I also really like Leaf Vegetarian restaurant, but they obviously don't have all natural (or any) meat. They ARE extremely conscientious about dietary concerns, however.
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