SEO in the middle?
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SEO services - not too big, not too small.

For 3 years I have been running a website. I put a lot of work in it and I aim to provide the best possible content. I actually believe we do. (we, as there is now a few people helping me with it).

I think the blog (wordpress) has good on-site seo: titles, h1 tags, sitemaps and the whole thing.

We churn out content regularly and mostly before everyone else. We have naturally grown facebook fans, RSS subscribers.. I participate in forums and answer emails.

Even though we have a very decent amount of visitors, Google ranks as #1,2,3 for a series of very important keywords some obviously spammy websites, and some that have been put together in a couple of afternoons.

It's obvious they do some off-site SEO (link building I assume) that is helping them rank so high.

I would like to hire somebody to help me but:

a) small companies are usually just a dude that outsources terrible articles and spams the internet with software and so

b) I contacted a couple of larger companies and they ask me thousands and thousands of dollars.

Can you recommend something in the middle?

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Have you considered finding a small seo company that will develop a backlinking plan that you could execute yourself.

There are sites like fiverr where you can have each task completed separately...for example have one person write a press release or article. you review. pass it on to another person to distribute.

good luck with your search!
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I'm of the opinion that interested and capable people can and should execute their own SEO. You can learn everything you need at sites like
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SEO (in theory) is not hard to learn, but it requires time - and I rather use my time in creating our content! I don't need a SEO genius, just to outsource my SEO activities
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If it's work you can describe and hire, consider posting to jobs.mefi.
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You may be targeting a wrong combination of keywords. SEO starts with research; on-site optimization and backlinking is secondary. Unfortunately the keyword research in my opinion is the most challenging part of SEO and it requires some experience and tools. I recommend you to find someone who can perform a good SEO audit of your web site and help you find your keyword niche.
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