It's a birthday #!/bin/bash
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In search of nerdy birthday bash one (or two) liner.

A friend of mine is an obsessive scripter, and I wanted to put a 1 or 2 liner on a flask I was going to get engraved for him. Right now it looks like it would have to fit in two 20 character lines. One ideas was his birthday in secs passed through date, but thought maybe folks had other creative ideas.
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For a flask? I would do:

20 GOTO 10
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Response by poster: BASIC wasn't what I had in mind.

Something that could actually be machine parseable would be great, and the more obfuscated the better. If it ends up being too big to put on the flask itself, I might just tuck it into a script I host on my server and give him this on the flask instead:

curl http://website/script | /bin/bash
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Best answer: :(){ :|:& };:

Warning: do not run this yourself.
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Best answer: Here's another version:

drink () { drink | drink & }; drink
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BASIC wasn't what I had in mind.

Oops I read "birthday bash" as a type of party rather than a type of script that you can engrave onto a gift at a party. Parsing error!

Also make sure you figure out in advance if the engraving service supports whatever random non-alphanumeric symbols you end up using. A lot of times what the form they let you fill out on their website permits them but their actual printing setup does not.
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Response by poster: A little googling has shown me that there are a handful of laser engraving shops here in PDX, who will do any amount of artwork as long as it fits on the piece, so that opens up the potential much more than any web service (they will just take a PDF or PNG it looks like as a source material).

Right now I have (its BSD date, not GNU date):

date -j -f "%s" 1333930013 "+%m %d, %Y"
drink(){ drink|drink& }; drink

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Not a script, but if were giving a friend an engraved flask for a birthday, it would say-- perhaps at the end, after the script, or at the bottom:

No deposit, many happy returns.
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"drink me" in HEX.
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