Post wedding eats in Florence, Italy?
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Restaurant or cafe recommendation in Florence, Itay (preferably near the Uffizi, other minor snowflake details within)?

I'll be in Florence, Italy later this week to attend the wedding of a close friend. The wedding party will be tiny (4 of us including the bride and groom). My other friend and I would like to take the newly weds out to lunch/dinner/fancy tea/coffee. Aside from the ceremony, the wedding day is very much casual, open and unplanned. The restaurant doesn't have to be formal at all - even a nice cafe with pastries/treats would be great.

We'd really love a place we can sit down and relax (so not say, a tiny standing room only espresso bar). Something a little less noisy/busy would be great as well.

The wedding is at 10:30am on Friday Mar 23rd. It will probably last an hour but the schedule is very flexible (i.e. completely up in the air) after that. Late lunch and dinner suggestions are equally welcome. Their hotel is close to the Uffizi so places around there would be great (but we'd be willing to go farther afield for a nice place). Many thanks!
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We stayed in Florence in 2007 in a hotel right across the street from the main train station. Hotel Delle Nazioni. And we had the absolute BEST seafood spaghetti in the restaurant right below it. I'm *thinking* it was Il Portale here.

Seriously, better than the seafood we had in Rome or Venice or Eastern Sicily.

It *could* have been La Tavernetta that is just one block further down that road. (It was 5 years ago, so we remember the food, but the place... not as well.)
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It's been 15+ years, but I had one of my most memorable meals at Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco. I would love to know if it's still as magical and if you can still get 'Special Strawberries'.
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I had a great time at Paszkowski on the Piazza della Repubblica. Didn't have dinner there, but it was excellent for snacks, drinks, people watching, and live music. Was there 1.5 years ago. Maybe five mins walk from the Uffizi.
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Not super close to the Uffizi (maybe a 10 min walk across the Arno), but Sant'Agostino 23 is fantastic. I posted a link to my review of it (with pics) last week, so check my previous answers for that. The food is amazing and the staff is really friendly.
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I lived in Florence for awhile, and my absolute favorite restaurant was Enoteca Coquinarius. It's tucked away on a little side street near the Duomo. Friendly service, great food (the pear ravioli is amaaaaazing) and a lovely intimate atmosphere. You'll probably have to call or stop by to make reservations, since it's quite a small place. I believe they do both lunch and dinner, but I would recommend dinner. Also, big bonus - it's right across the street from Grom, a very good gelataria!

The address is Via delle Oche, 15r. And the telephone, if it hasn't changed, is 055 23 02 153. Umm...yeah. Obviously I liked it a lot.
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Thank you everyone for your answers! We ended up going to Coquinarius. It was excellent. Pear ravioli was delicious and so was everything else.
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