What setting of the Magnificat is this? (from piano melody)
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What setting of the Magnificat is this? I sang it when young but cannot identify it now - help!

I sang a wonderful setting of the Magnificat back at school, as part of a SATB choir. I think it had full orchestral accompaniment. I can remember the soprano melodies very well but despite listening to dozens of Magnificat settings I haven't been able to identify the composer and find a recording of the piece.

Here's a simple piano performance of one of the main melodies:
Piano melody

The associated lyrics are: "My soul / doth mag-ni-fy / doth ma-a-gni-i-fy-y the-e lord // and my spi-i-rit hath re-e-joiced / in Go-o-o-od my-y sav-iour" (forgive the heavy-handed rhythmic indications!)
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Bryan Kelly's?
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Yes it is! You, sir, win all of the prizes.

Quite a relief to hear it again after so long looking. Thank you!
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