Give me happy violin music!
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Give me happy violin music!

I'm looking for light, upbeat, complex fiddling; stuff that hops, skips and trips over itself.


Snowbird (beginning at 1:35)

Hobo's Blues

and honestly, this made me supremely happy.

Looking for more! (Also, reviewing the above songs, I think it's the juxtaposition of upbeat and melancholy that I'm digging. If that helps.)
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Best answer: Check out Stephane Grappelli; he played with Django Reinhardt & he's awesome. Also, the Dave Grisman Quintet sometimes features a similar violinist--Darol Anger, I think.
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Best answer: Pretty much anything by the Carolina Chocolate Drops, particularly "Hit 'Im up Style." and "Cornbread and Butterbeans."
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Oh, and Lindsey Stirling is full of exuberance. Here's her doing dubstep and covering "Party Rock."
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Oh, and there's also Aston's pop covers:

Born This Way

Rude Boy


are imo their stand out covers, but the whole album is pretty awesome and available for free DL at their site.
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This may be a little poppier than you're looking for, but you can't get much more exuberant than Vanessa Mae's Contradanza. You might also enjoy the bittersweet quality of Happy Valley.
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Best answer: off the top of my head : Regina Carter, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Sugarcane Harris. Florin nicolescu, and of course Jean-luc Ponty and Didier Lockwood. Stephane Grapelli + Django Reinhardt rule.
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Best answer: I like the fiddle album Alisdair Fraser and Natalie Haas made together.

I just heard John Adams's "Road Movies" (violin and piano) performed and it is very joyous.
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Best answer: Bob Wills
Chubby Wise

Kronos Quartet - El Llolar
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Nthing Alisdair Fraser, he is incredible. and coming to Boston next month :):)
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Natalie MacMaster!

Ashely MacIsaac does melancholy, and also wistful and also just rocks out.
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Best answer: Andrew Bird -- to match your first link, try any of his first couple "Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire" albums. His newest album is outrageously beautiful, but for the most part slower and sadder.
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Response by poster: so good, all of this! thanks, everyone. :)
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