Car-less in Harrisburg
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Is Harrisburg, PA a decent place to live without a car?

I see some bus routes, but those don't tell the whole story. Is this a place where a person can live for a few months while working around the capitol without a car and not feel hugely inconvenienced?

Bonus: Is there any good way besides Craigslist to pick up a cheap summer sublet from a local student or whoever.
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I used to live in the Harrisburg area and I would strongly recommend having a car. You gotta be able to get to the various things in the area that are fun to visit and do, and you won't be able to take public transit to do it. For example, Wegman's for groceries! (oh how I miss Wegman's!)

I have only used Craigslist for apartment hunting, for renting a condo out, and for even selling my condo there. It worked great. You can always check in with the various local schools and see if they have a housing webpage or bulletin board you could get info from.
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I grew up about ten miles from there and have spent more than my fair share of time in downtown Harrisburg.

For a very, very short period?


Otherwise, most definitely not.
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i have lived in this area for almost 4 years. at the beginning of the year i got a job downtown. i have an apt downtown. all the bars and restaurants are downtown.

the grocery stores, the target (or walmart if you go there), the clothing stores...not downtown. the bus routes suck and often take forever. the cabs are pretty cheap tho. so you might be able to go a few months.

craigslist is probably your best bet, unless you have someone here who can go check out the bulletin boards at the community college (HACC) or other colleges in the area.

there is are some drug stores and a sort-of farmers market, so you might be able to swing not needing to go to the grocery store. there is a superfresh downtown but i have never been in it.
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I lived on 2nd St. a few blocks north of downtown and never found a decent grocery store on the east side of the river. You might be able to swing it with corner market places, but I'm not sure.

I used Craigslist to find my apartment and it was fine. Do you have particular concerns about using Craigslist?
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I was born in Harrisburg, and lived in the area for decades (though it has admittedly been some time since I lived there). By contrast, for the last 15 years I haven't owned a car, living mostly in NYC but also for a while in San Francisco.

Harrisburg, even at its best downtown, is nowhere near walkable enough to compete with dense cities where a car is truly optional. It may be theoretically possible, especially if there's the option of something like a Zipcar, but the short answer is: No. You need a car to live in Harrisburg.
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