How to get to Arlington, TX from DAL
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Flying into Dallas Love Field Airport late in evening. How best to get to Arlington, TX?

Asking for my sweetie. Work will not cover a rental. Is a cab possible? If so, how much should it cost and do they take cash only or cards too? Work will reimburse for that. Arriving around 11:30 pm at night. Thanks so much!
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Best answer: Take a cab; it's the only way to get to Arlington from Love at that time of night if a hotel isn't being used or they don't offer a shuttle from Love (there's no public transportation in Arlington). I've never gone to or from Love in a cab, but to DFW Airport (the "big airport") from north Fort Worth is approximately $60. The big cab companies accept cards, plus the City of Dallas requires electronic payment capabilities. At that time of night, a cab may need to be called but there will be numbers posted near the cab stand. A potential rider can ask any cab in line at the cab stand if electronic payment is accepted. If a cab doesn't have card capabilities, it is entirely reasonable to go to the next cab in line.

According to Love Field, "Taxi Cab service is provided on the upper level across the street from the baggage claim wing of the main terminal building." - Ground transportation page
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Response by poster: Thanks! This was spot on!
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