What happened to Ecler?
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Ecler is a Spain-bases audio manufacturer, including for DJ equipment. However, they haven't made a new DJ mixer or updated their website in years. Does anyone have any idea what is up with the company?
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Their "dj division" web site appears to be out of date, but this one seems current.
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Bizarre that I can't find the name "Nuo" anywhere on their .es site.
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On the "DJ division site" they have more than a couple distributors listed, but on the new website lovermont points to, "Ben Gibson" is apparently the person to contact if you're in the US or Canada (which I assume you are, but that's just me assuming stuff). I'd contact a distributor near you listed on the DJ site, to see what they have to say about the situation, and then someone listed on the current site.
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If you want one, contact him, but don't expect much. I had a nightmare experience wasting a lot of money on a Korg mixer that was orphaned by the company after a year and a half rather than put out a firmware update, and the US rep was supremely unhelpful.
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