Product Management/Development Books
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Good Product Management/ Product Development Books

I am looking for books on/thought leaders names for -- Product Management (not project management) and Product Development. Any good books out there and suggestions on who are the best known writers would be great. I am looking for names of authors who were to Product development as what Kotler, Drucker etc. were to marketing. Any names of Associations would be great too.

What i am not looking for?

What I want to stay away from is the homegrown, not tested thinkers who have just written a few blogs and everyone has followed them (the bandwagon homegrown product management)

Any names of books/authors would be great around Product Management/Development. The goal is to get a deeper view of what this is, how it started, what was the thought process around it, what were the processes developed (classic). etc.

Thanks so much!
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Best answer: There's actually a pretty good answer to this question over on Quora:

I personally recommend Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love, by Marty Cagan. It's mentioned in the Quora post in the top answer as well.
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