How to create a wireless network that uses another wireless network for internet access?
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Network configuration question: I have a desktop with a wifi card, a wireless router, and an external wireless connection I have access to. I want to connect the desktop to the external wireless connection, then connect the wireless router to the desktop, creating a second wireless network with internet access.

Desktop (D)
Existing Wireless Network (E)
Wireless Router (R)
New Wireless Network (N)

D connects to E via wifi.
D connects to R as the gateway directly via an ethernet cable.
N is configured such that connecting to N grants internet access via D & E.

The reason for this madness is that I live too far away from E to access it from everywhere in my portion of the house. I hope to basically extend the range of E by leveraging the fact that my desktop doesn't move, and does get good reception, without having to buy new hardware.

The desktop is running Windows 7. The wireless router R is a DIR-825.
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Best answer: On (D):

Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network connections

Right click the wireless network that your desktop connects to (E) and select Properties

Click on the Sharing tab

Tick the "Allow other network users..." box and drop down the list of private networks to find the adapter that is your desktop's LAN port (it will most likely be the only option).

Make sure the ethernet cable from (D) to (R) goes to the WAN port on (R).

Using another computer, check the configuration of (R). It should pick up an external IP address - if it doesn't, restart both (D) and (R). From there, you should be good to go.
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Response by poster: This is one of those "I swear I did that five minutes ago and it didn't work" moments. Up and running now. Thanks.
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