Help me find jeans
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In an act of stupidity, I ripped a pair of Julian Red jeans that I liked a lot. I am trying to find a new pair but can't find anywhere that sells them.

Julian Red is a Swedish brand. The jeans were the raw California cut. I had bought the jeans probably 6 years ago or so from Denim Bar in Arlington, VA. The store no longer sells them. Supposedly used to carry the brand; they don't anymore. Ebay turned up nothing as well. It also appears that Julian Red's website is down, at least the English version.

So I turn to you, Hive Mind. Help me find these jeans!
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I recently realized that all of my jeans were torn up, and I couldn't find any comparable new ones. I'm sending them to Denim Therapy instead of buying replacements that I don't like as much. I've never used a service like this before, so fingers crossed, but it seems like a good option if you can't find anything you like new.
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I accidentally ripped a hole in the crotch of a pair of jeans I liked, and my local tailor fixed them for $10. The fabric looks a little bit funny in that area, but it's not at all obvious while I'm wearing them.
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Depends on the rip, I suppose, but most things can be repaired.

Denim Therapy is an option. I've successfully used them to repair crotch blowouts.

You are in NYC? Take the jeans to Self Edge on Orchard St. and see what they say.
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