Where can I find this light fixture?
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Can you identify this light fixture? Photo 1, Photo 2. Where can it be purchased? Asking for a friend based in the Boston area.
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The Trenton is close, but the exposed bulb is a peculiar feature.
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That looks like something you'd get at Restoration Hardware. The fixture is new, but styled in an old way.
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I found something similar online, but nothing browsing the websites for Yale Lighting or Wolfers Lighting, which are the two largest lighting showrooms I know of in the Boston area. There are also smaller showrooms, like Neenah's and Chimera, but I don't think either of those cover the era of this fixture. Machine Age might have something, or be willing to keep an eye out or point your friend in a more precise direction.

The only other things I'd suggest are either the architectural salvage places in the area (e.g., Architectural Salvage in NH seems to have similar), or Brimfield.

In case your friend wants terms to describe it: schoolhouse, diner, deco, retro, pendant.
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It's a schoolhouse lamp. You can build something similar (if not quite identical) at Rejuvination Lighting.
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The Demolition Depot in Harlem usually has a great selection of schoolhouse lighting (and other treasures), and they ship. I once bought a lot of 10, similar to the one you posted.
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I would guess that, instead of a standard bulb, you would put something the size of a G40 in there. Aesthetically, I think it would match the space better.
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Ok, obviously I'm procrastinating on some pretty heavy shit, but...

From your links, the brownish patina on the metal fixture leads me to think that the fixture is vintage, and so we won't find an exact match easily. The Demolition Depot is a good resource for something close (these two 1, 2, look the closest to me). I took a look through all the globes and fixtures at both Rejuvination and Restoration Hardware and didn't see anything I thought was super close (they lack both the open doughnut-like structure of the globe, and the "ribbing" around it). Then I happened upon Schoolhouse Electric. Check out the Rhodes Pendant (in satin nickel, for the fixture) and this for the glass shade. Together I think that's pretty close.
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Thanks, everyone, for your answers. I've passed them along to my friend.

I'm pretty sure the fixtures are relatively recently installed (like, within the past 10 years), but that doesn't necessarily mean they're not vintage, of course.
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Update: So, the original reason for my friend asking the question, she has informed me, is that these fixtures are in the house they were about to buy, but the sellers were planning on taking the fixtures with them. The sellers have since decided that they won't be taking them, so my friend gets to keep them.

When I visit, I'll be sure to scour them for any identifying information, in case it might prove useful to others.
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