Where can I find a guitar buddy in NYC?
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Where can I find a guitar buddy in NYC?

So I've been playing guitar for about 2 1/2 years now. Ideally, I'd like to find someone to casually jam with. I really, really love music and playing and I want to find like minded people (people in their 20's is a plus). I don't have any friends that play currently. I've looked on meetup but most of the groups are performance groups or jams with large groups of people which isn't really what I'm looking for.

Any ideas, MeFi?
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It used to be record shops and music stores had bulletin boards where people would post their availability but a lot of that action has moved to Craigslist. You might also try Bandmix, but for an area like NYC it might be overwhelming. Also, lots of communities have their own bulletin board sites for this so it's worth looking for those, too.
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Seconding Craigslist. I've found multiple jam partners that way.
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Craigslist has worked for me a bunch of times.
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My friend went to this open mic meetup and met cool people and ended up jamming with one of them and writing a couple of songs. Everyone at the meetup was super nice, and people go out for a beer afterwards. Most were beginners at guitar (since this is at a music school), but there were a few who were pretty good. It's worth a shot. Large groups can be good too, since when you go you'll probably end up talking to a few people at a time, and you can mention that you'd like to jam with people one on one. You have to just get out there and start being surrounded by guitar players, and then you'll find someone to play with.

Craigslist might be awkward because if you're taking the time to meet one on one to play, it might be too much pressure to like each other and to play well together. But if it comes naturally because you're making plans to hang out with someone after you already met them in a group setting and you like their guitar style and their personality, it might be easier. *shrug*
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