Meetup groups for younger people? Need help with some ideas
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A while back I asked a question on what a single guy in NYC should do to meet women and I got some great suggestions but I need help implementing that advice

If you're single and looking meetup seems to be a often suggestion except I'm having trouble finding meetups where young people go. I've done some searches and almost everyone appears 35+ and I am 25.

I was on yelp and one of the suggestions I got was zogsports, and I took a look at their site and it seems great and filled with young people.

I did a search for hiking, camping, running, guitar into meetup and almost all the groups are older people, what gives!

I know people say get into hobbies and do things that you enjoy can you guys help me find some classes, or groups where young people get together rather than just an event like a fair or museum tour or bookstore or coffee shop.

Zogsports is one idea, any others out there?

Thanks guys
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Lots of churches and synagogues run groups like this. (Even if you're not particularly religious... there may be groups that would work for you in NYC. We've got just about every kind of religion/quasi-religion here.)
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And even if those meetup groups have older people, you might still try them out. Older people know younger people.
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Vegetarian, raw food or vegan meet-ups are full of young, fit people (and some older ones).
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Start your own meetup group for people in their twenties! If there's not one out there just start your own. I see meetup groups with the specific age groups all the time.
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Old people have daughters, nieces, and even granddaughters. By refusing to get to know old people you are screwing yourself.
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Are you crafty or want to learn some creative skill? 3rd Ward in Bushwick has lots of interesting classes, primarily populated by the under-30 set. Also try classes at your local yoga studio. (But go only if you are actually interested, don't be that creeper who just goes to hit on women.)
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Hi there -

I disagree with this idea that you should be spending a ton of time trying to get to know older people just so they can potentially introduce you to younger women. If you genuinely enjoy the activities you're going to and there happen to be older folks there who you also enjoy getting to know, fine - but I don't think there's anything wrong with targeting your efforts toward your own age group if that's truly what you're looking for. We all have a limited amount of free time, and I do think it makes sense to target that toward what you're truly interested in/looking for.

Anyway, one possibility I wanted to point out was Pecha Kucha, and another is really putting it out there to your friends that you want to get involved in new activities. I feel like many of the new activities I get involved in happen because I get an email from a friend (or even acquaintance) letting me know about it - plus, you may potentially have a wingman when you show up to things, which is nice. :)
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For running, I'd try the group that is associated with Niketown. They run three times a week, have pace/distance groups for all levels of runners and are composed of a range of ages. They are easygoing, neither too gung-ho, cheerful nor intense, and have a place to change and store bags.

I strongly recommend trying them out to just about anyone who wants to run - whether for the purpose of meeting people or just for getting in shape. I will note that this is not a meat market, so while people are friendly, it is definitely not a singles club, so don't go expecting that.

Their facebook page lists each day's run as well as other stuff.
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The New York Cycle Club is very social.
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