Help me blog with my iPad
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What is the best solution for blogging with an iPad? Is anyone actually doing this? I'd like to be able to travel with just an ipad and a bluetooth keyboard instead of my laptop. What I need: CC photo search and image resizing, the ability to easily add links, and upload to a wordpress blog to which I'm a contributor. Blogsy looks pretty good. What say you Metafilterers? Doable? Pipe dream? Be honest.
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Mac Powers Users has a podcast about doing this. If you have an hour take a listen or click through the links.
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I use and like Blogsy for my blogspot blog. I do all of my image editing and uploading on my MacBook, but then I sometimes write posts and/or edit posts I drafted on the computer using Blogsy.

It's very easy to add links and photos in Blogsy, but I'm not sure what CC refers to.
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CC is Creative Commons.
Thanks for the responses. I'll check out that podcast!
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Creative Commons I suppose.
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You can easily access Flickr and google images from inside Blogsy, so finding photos generally shouldn't be a problem. I haven't played around with the settings for finding CC images specifically though, since I only post mine own photos on my blog.
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