Most intelligent and critical sources of information on food?
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What are the best blogs, online periodicals, or discussion groups that address the history and consumption of food in an intelligent and critical way? (In other words, not just a place to swap recipes.) I would love to know where people find the most engaging ideas about food.
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I like WHFoods, mainly due to their extensive section on nutrition for different foods (here). This is one of the first places that I go for information since there are numerous references to peer reviewed publications as supporting information.
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BBC Radio 4's Food Programme covers topics that sound like the kind of thing you're interested in. Downloadable podcasts are available here.
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I hope you'll pardon that this is (mostly) not online, but history, consumption, intelligent and critical defines Gastronomica.
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I was about to suggest Gastronomica as well. It's an academic journal about food and culture.

Disclaimer: my friend's mother is the editor
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NPR has a nice blog called The Salt that's about the politics, policy, and other stuff surrounding food.
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Well, it is interesting and it can have a surprisingly level of scholarship if you can get past the bravura prose of David Chang et al. and that would be Lucky Peach. Gastronomica does not have the attitude of Lucy Peach and approaches things in a more traditional manner.
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