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I am unemployed, living in New York City, with no health insurance and need to see a dermatologist. I can't afford a $250 visit. Does anyone know of a (cheap) dermatologist I could see?
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Can you go apply to the medicaid office and see if you qualify? It may take about a month for everything to go through if you qualify, but it's worth the wait if possible. You would probably be referred to a GP, then dermatologist.
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You might be eligible for HHC Options.
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Do you know you need a full dermatologist? The Duane Reade stores have walk in clinics with full doctors. Could that be enough? I think a basic visit is $50.
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Can you go to a medical school clinic? I used to go to one at NYU. You do not need to be a student.
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My friend saw a great dermatologist through Medicaid.
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(in NYC, I meant to add)
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I used various clinics at New York Hospital/Cornell Medical School and got great care, I was not a student there. There are several medical schools in NYC and you should be able to find a dermatology clinic.
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