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I need to get audio files from Fruity Loops to Ableton. Is there any way to make this process easier?

Background: I was an early adopter of Fruity Loops, and have hundreds of songs/tracks in various stages of construction. This includes a lot of original beats and recorded audio that I want to continue to use and can't reproduce in other audio software. In the interim, I have gone all Mac all the time for everything except FL, including beginning a project in which we use Ableton as our main recording/processing software. Recently, my big PC workstation died on me, and after much thought I have decided that my next big workstation will be a Mac. I currently have a crappy little laptop with a broken screen that can barely run FL, but it ins't a long-term solution (it chugs and stutters on complex songs).

Thus my problem: how do I move all that FL goodness over to Abelton? Ideally, I would like to isolate each instrument on each track to create an audio (with and/or without the FL effects) or midi file, so that I can reconstruct the tracks and songs in Ableton.

The obvious, incredibly laborious solution is to manually isolate and export every single instrument on every single track one at a time to its own wav/midi file. I just tried this with a couple songs last night and it took forever. Is there any way that I can do this more efficiently? Or some other creative solution I haven't thought of?
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Have you considered running VMWare or Parallels, so you can have a little PC inside your Mac just to run Fruity Loops? If your PC is gone for good, you can transfer the existing windows license to the virtual PC, and you'll be back in business without a huge data migration.
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Response by poster: I have thought about that. My experience with parallels (for non-music applications on an iMac) hasn't been all that great - lots of hiccups and performance degradation. I'm not sure even a high-end Mac (which I can't really afford anyway) could handle a complex FL and a complex Ableton at the same time. Also, I don't know if I can sync the two programs across the OSes so that they can truly run in parallel.
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Best answer: Most DAWs give you the option to do a batch export where each mixer channel goes to a separate file, and though it's been a long time since I've used Fruity Loops, I'm pretty sure it also has this functionality.

Upon googling, it seems that (unless they've removed this since 2007) Fruity Loops can, indeed, do this.
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On the plus side, they're working on an Mac version of FL Studio.
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I would probably buy a mac version of FL Studio. I don't own a mac or a pc version of FL studio currently. That's how good of an idea a Mac version of FL Studio sounds to me though.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. Waiting for the Mac version is on my radar screen, but I'm impatient. In the meantime, batch export is a great idea and should speed things up a bit.
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