How to fix this damaged varnish?
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My friend threw a towel on our bedside table and used it as an ironing board. Now the varnish is damaged (pics). How do I fix it?
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How long has it been like that? The moisture in the varnish will probably evaporate in a day or two...
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If it doesn't evaporate in a day or so, try brushing it with mayonnaise. Spread it on and then lightly rub it in, then wipe off the excess.
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Oddly enough, the same way you caused it - with an iron and a towel . See here and here.
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Seconding rtimmel. When I did this, it took about an hour for a spot that size though. Slow, steady, heat is the key. Worked like a charm.
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If gentle heat doesn't do it (it almost always does), you can repair it with a simple surface refinishing job. It's easier than you might think because that finish damage shows the table was finished with lacquer. It's a reversible finish, so you can repair without having to strip the thing naked. Either hire a refinisher (won't cost much as it's a very common and simple repair) or rework the finish yourself. If you go that route, web search or grab a book on DIY lacquer finish repair.
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The iron and towel did the trick. Wow.

Looking in to lacquering as well though for the future!
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