Best Podcasts for New Music, no talking please
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What are your favorite new new new new music podcasts?

I'm specifically looking for podcasts with no talking at all but with a list of the songs played either in the show notes or online. Seriously, no talking, sorry Mike Watt and Sound Opinions.

Also unlike the Gorilla Vs. Bear podcast, I must be able to subscribe to it in Itunes. I don't want to have to work.

Finally, it must be updated often. Once a month at least. Stone's Throw's mixes are awesome, but way too infrequent.

I feel like there used to a million of these around in the early days of podcasting, and now, not so much.

Two of the exact perfect format and style that I'm looking for:
Coke Machine Glow
and the Fader Magazine Podcast

Unlike this recent, similar question, I'm not that interested in pure electronic music, but if it's awesome, I'll take it. Genre isn't that important (though I weigh toward hip-hop/indie rock) I just want new new new new new.
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Best answer: Electronic Explorations?
posted by Vhanudux at 12:32 PM on March 16, 2012

Response by poster: Wow. Guess I was too specific eh? Thanks for thee answer hivemind. Maybe we should all start shows like this since clearly there is a hole in the market!
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