Minecraft Server Hosting?
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Can you recommend decent, inexpensive Minecraft server hosting?

I'm considering paying for hosting because a) I'd like to play multiplayer with my kid but he lives at his mom's during the week, and b) I have neither the hardware nor inclination to do it myself. The various review sites I've found feel more like shill sites and the minecraft forum topic feels spammy.

My requirements?
1. Cheap

I'd certainly like to be able to install mods but we enjoy the vanilla game just fine. Bonus question: All the servers I've seen are SMP - is creative mode possible on a multiplayer server? We haven't decided yet if we want creative mode, but it would be nice to have the option.
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I just started hosting a server with MCLAYER.COM and they've been totally awesome and fantastic and I've been really impressed.

I could get by with the 512MB server for awhile (which is only $8 a month with the promo code) until I got a lot of friends onboard, and then I had to up it to the 1GB server, which is about $18 a month... but I figure I'll just keep it there until such time as people lose interest and then I'll drop it back down. Either way, they've been great.

Also, yes, creative mode servers are possible.

Also, I'm always looking for more people to flesh out my server, so if anyone wants to come play, drop me a MeFiMail. :)
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The fine folks over at mefightclub are sure to have some excellent advice for you.

They have a ridiculous amazing minecraft server of their own as well.
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I used to run a public server and after much research and trial & error, I would recommend MinecraftLayer (mclayer) and Beastnode. They are both reputable, stable, and cheap, and they will both install & configure plugins, and will help you through any problems. Beastnode also has an IRC help channel, which was awesome when I was starting out.
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Also, be sure to check the Minecraft forums for a promo code for whichever host you go with.
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Thanks everyone, Minefold looks like an interesting model, but I'm going to try out Beastnode for now. I'll pop back in with my thoughts for future searchers!
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Just dropping in to day I'm pretty happy with Beastnode. I got the lowest tier service. Configuration was pretty easy, even with a fairly weak knowledge base. Bukkit plugins are supported and easy to install. I was able to update my server to 1.2.4 the same day it released (which may be the norm, but I was pleasantly surprised). The game runs fine with only occasional lag when kiddo and I are both playing.

All in all I'm happy with it. Thanks again!
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