So... no dry ice and dishsoap? How dull...
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Where can I get my shipping dangerous goods training on the cheap? (Like this, but not for $400.)

I need to find an affordable way to get 3-5 people trained to ship infectious substances, biological specimens, dry ice, etc. There are specific IATA guidelines on this. Plenty of companies are happy to do this, but a training CD or website access usually costs around $400 a year. Is there a cheaper way? (I'm in NYC, if that matters.)
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$400 for this seems reasonable, to be honest, particularly if that allows you to train multiple people for the one cost (although that probably isn't the case). Any training that is mandated by regulation is generally more expensive than 'optional' training because, well, you really don't have a choice but to do it.
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Please don't cut corners on training how to ship infectious substances.
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Just to calm DU's fears, this is a training we've all done multiple times, and no one on my team ships anything especially horrible. The dry ice is more dangerous than anything we're sending in it. It's just a bureaucratic formality that we have to do it every couple years.

dg Yeah after some more research $380-$400 is kind of an industry norm it seems. I was hoping somebody knew some secret NYC knowledge about the health department or some university doing it for less.
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