Who designed this NYSE Understanding Financial Statements pamphlet?
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Who designed this 1969 NYSE pamphlet, Understanding Financial Statements?

This pamphlet I have says three things that aren't a part of the informational text:
  1. "Published by The New York Stock Exchange with data compiled as of January 29, 1969." Page 1
  2. "Litho in U.S.A." Back cover
  3. 3-37-9 Back cover
It is 5.5in wide by 8.5in, bound with two staples, 32 pages long including covers.

Was it someone in house at NYSE? Who? Is there a department that handles this? Did they do others?

If not, who got hired to make this little book? Were there other firms that took this sort of contract work, and did they do it for many industries?

I'd like to track down other well-designed pamphlets like this, where should I look? This one showed up on the dollar cart at my public library.
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This sort of brochure has long been a bread-n-butter job for graphic designers/art directors. Heck, I used to do bank annual reports as a freelancer back in the day. This specific one is a pretty typical example of the period, design-wise, especially being from a trend-setting market like New York.

Honestly, it could have been produced by any of thousands of designers working at the time. It's possible that NYSE had an in-house marketing/promotion department at the time that could have created the piece. Back then, though, it was far more common for a firm to contract their promotional and advertising work to an ad agency. Small one-shot jobs could also go out to smaller shops.

The specific question of "who" designed this piece is likely unknowable. As I said, it's a good example of the period, but not wildly unique enough to stand out. The main dollar-sign graphic is the only part that really stands out as being pretty unique and, perhaps, identifiable as the work of any one individual. Who, though, will probably remain a mystery.
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Have you tried reaching out to the NYSE to ask them? Its website has several pages of contact information; you might try the Media contacts first as they probably have a reasonable sense of the range of individuals within the organization best suited to answer various questions.
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I have to agree with Thorzdad. While it is a strong enough example of the graphic design of the period, it's actually also in its own way quite typical. Big organizations in a big city would have access to a large pool of commercial artists. Also, since this is basically technology that has long since been superseded, there's only a remote chance that the company today will have anyone with an institutional memory likely to lead you to an answer.

What are you hoping to achieve by identifying the person responsible?
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