Ever used FlexJobs.com for freelancing, or is there a better option out there?
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Has anyone ever tried using Flexjobs.com for freelancing? If so, has it been a good experience, or are there other freelance directories that I should look into.

I have a full time job, just not in my chosen field. I'd love to work on getting some some good editing, proofreading, writing, and blogging clips under my belt with some casual freelance projects. In doing some preliminary research, I came across the site FlexJobs (as well as Media Bistro, Whisperjobs, and freelancewritinggigs). There are a couple of really neat looking one-time or flex-time gigs on science writing that I was interested in advertised on FlexJobs, but you have to purchase a membership (a year is $35 with a discount code) before you can get the details to even apply for the gig.

It makes sense to me that expecting subscribers to pay a small amount could help weed out a lot of spammers, but does this seem legit? Are there better options I should be looking into?

*For the record I haven't seen a lot of good freelance options on my local Craigslist. I check it pretty much every day anyway though.
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I've done it. It's legitimate, but you have to weed out a lot of clueless people as usual. Google around for coupons. At the time I paid $5 for a trial month.
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It was recommended to me here when I was unemployed last year. I never actually found work via it, but it definitely seemed completely legit. I think I paid quarterly though - it wasn't much - $10 of $15 bucks.
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